The Top Three Reasons For Tattoo Regret:

  • The Tattoo Contains Someone Else's Name

  • They Don't LikeThe Way The Tattoo Looks

  • The Individual's Career Path Discourages Visible Tattoos

What Factors Determine The Price And Number Of Treatments In Removing A Tattoo?

Here are some factors that we can use to estimate and understand the number of treatments and the pricing of those treatments for removing your tattoo. The cost for each treatment can be as low as $49.00 per session depending on the size of your tattoo.


  • The Size of the Tattoo: The bigger the tattoo, the more time spent with the laser firing which leads to a more expensive treatment overall.
  • Colors in the Tattoo: Black tattoos tend to be the easiest and most popular for tattoo removal. Which color is the hardest to remove overall? Purple, because of the magnesium used in the ink for the color purple it’s the toughest to remove.
  • Placement of the Tattoo: Tattoos closer to your neck tend to fade and be passed through your lymphatic system faster.
  • Your Skin Type: If you have a darker skin type, we must use lower power settings on the laser for your removal treatments to ensure there are no adverse side effects like hypo-pigmentation. Therefore, as a whole, it’s going to take more treatments to remove your tattoo.
  • The Amount of Ink Used in the Tattoo: The more ink used in your tattoo the more that must be removed.
  • The Age of the Tattoo: An older tattoo will usually fade faster than a newer tattoo.
  • Was Your Tattoo Done by a Professional or an Amateur? – Amateur tattoos tend to be easier to remove while professional ones remain harder to get out.

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