Why Should I Consider Tattoo Removal?

In almost everything that we do, no matter how excited and eager we are at the moment we decide to do something, there is still a chance that we might regret it, either immediately or years later. A perfect example of this is getting a tattoo. According to research, over 57% of people regret getting a tattoo. If you are one of them, don’t worry! There is a solution to removing what we all have referred to as “permanent ink.”

Tattoos are thought to last forever. They were created because they symbolize our freedom of expression, the aspirations that we want to achieve someday, and the past that we want to take with us to the future. But as we grow and as we change, we often change our mind. What was meant to last forever is now an unwanted reminder of the past, an aspiration that we don’t want to achieve anymore, and an expression that we no longer believe in. Fortunately, there are tattoo removal alternatives for those who seek to remove unwanted ink.

For individuals who don’t want to undergo costly and invasive tattoo removal, there is the option of covering up an unwanted tattoo with another tattoo, or as others have tried before, you can use regular cosmetic concealer to disguise it. But tattoo concealment has its restrictions, and large, imposing tattoos that were made with dark ink are nearly impossible to cover. Not to mention, receiving a cover up tattoo means more pain, and sometimes cover up tattoos can hurt more than the original tattoo.

You Might Be Considering Tattoo Removal If…

  • You desire clean skin, or an empty canvas to allow for more tattoo art
  • You have a name or matching symbol from a past relationship
  • You are pursuing a new life style or career
  • A special event is approaching, and you desire clean skin
  • Your current tattoo is “messy” or faded
  • You are dissatisfied with the appearance of your tattoo
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Benefits of Tattoo Removal

Just like there are reasons for getting a tattoo, there is also an abundance of reasons for undergoing tattoo removal sessions. Tattoo removal is becoming more common for the following reasons:

  • Some professions don’t allow tattoos in the work environment
  • The stigma surrounding tattoos
  • The embarrassment of poor quality tattoos
  • Or simply because an individual doesn’t want it anymore

What Is Laser Tattoo Removal?

Before making the decision to receive a tattoo, you must understand that a tattoo is a type of body modification that is the process of inserting either temporary or permanent ink, pigments, or dyes into the layer of skin called the “dermis” to change its natural pigment. Once it is done, it is permanent. You would need a high-intensity method to get rid of your tattoo completely, and your best bet is Laser Tattoo Removal. It works by penetrating the dermis and breaking up the pigment colors.

Compared To Other Tattoo Removal Methods, Why Is Laser Tattoo Removal the BEST Option For Me?

Bringing up tattoos can be a sensitive topic. Tattoos are symbols that represent significant symbols, images, or phrases created on any part of the body. There are different kinds of tattoos, but most people get the ones that last a lifetime. Sometimes those with permanent ink come to a point where they no longer wish to display them on their body. Over time, many different tattoo removal methods have come about.

Laser Tattoo Removal

This method of removing tattoos requires a series of sessions. The ink from your tattoo is removed through laser light. Laser tattoo removal usually doesn’t require the application of anesthesia. It is also one of the most common methods of tattoo removal, and one of the best methods for success. Tattoo application involves a needle embedding ink particles into the dermis, the deepest layer of skin. Immediately upon insertion, your body’s immune system detects the ink particles as foreign material and alerts phagocytes to remove them.

Tattoo Removal Creams

Applying tattoo removal cream is a non-invasive tattoo removal method. There are different kinds of tattoo removal creams available on the market that advertise removing your tattoo painlessly. There is a downside to choosing this method; there is no guarantee that it will completely remove your tattoo. You might encounter difficulty trying to dispose of your ink with cream. Most reviews regarding tattoo removal creams came back with disappointing results. It can cause tattoos to fade, but it doesn’t completely remove the ink left in your body.

Surgical Tattoo Removal

From the name of the method itself, surgical tattoo removal is done by a surgeon. This is usually performed by applying anesthesia to numb the tattooed area followed by the surgical cutting of sections of the tattoo. The removal of your tattoo will depend on the size. Tattoos that are larger in size can take months to remove. It is a painstaking process because the surgeon needs to wait for the tattooed part to heal before the surgery can proceed. There are cases when skin grafting is necessary.


Dermabrasion is an unpopular and uncommon tattoo removal method. It requires anesthesia to numb your skin before it can be “sanded” with a scraping tool commonly referred to as a dermatome. The tattoo from your skin will be scraped as each layer of skin is removed. Permanent scarring cannot be avoided since tattoo ink is usually lodged deep within your skin. You should prepare yourself for bleeding and long recovery time if you wish to undergo this procedure.

Is Laser Tattoo Removal Safe?

To be sure you receive the best and safest tattoo removal treatment, you must schedule a consultation with a professional. Meeting with an educated specialist can give you an idea of what to expect during the procedure, the treatments and sessions you must receive, the difference in the appearance of the treated area, and all other information in regards to removing your tattoo. Finding a reputable doctor and a reliable clinic that specializes in the treatment is a must.

Apart from finding a professional, choosing a dependable tattoo removal clinic, and getting all the information about what to expect during and after the procedure, you should also consider the machine that will be used to remove your tattoo. Our clinic is up-to-date with the latest technology! The Quanta laser is an improved version of its predecessors in laser technology. With years of experience in creating the technology, Quanta released this state of the art laser machine that has a cutting edge technology is capable of emitting light waves in nanoseconds. It uses thermal energy (better known as heat energy) to break the pigments into microscopic particles that the body can absorb. This machine can break up even the hardest color into smaller parts. It is the finest laser to use in removing many different kinds of tattoos.

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